Kids Home Survival Course

I am always trying to think of ways that we can get our children involved in learning simple survival techniques that will last them throughout their life. We came up with our kids home survival course, also known as camping out in the back yard. Over the years we have learned that if you can make it fun then the kid will get on board and even want to participate. A backyard camping “trip” is the perfect way to begin teaching them the basics of self-reliance and basic survival skills.

Once you are outside set the ground rules. No going inside except for bathroom breaks. I am pretty sure the neighbors don’t want to see your kids doing their business in the back yard. No lights allowed except for your flashlight and firelight. If you forget to bring something out then you have to do without. Think before starting out. There are no do-overs.

We have come up with 5 easy things to do during our camp outs.

kids-tent11. Shelter
We started out with teaching the kids how to set up their own little tent as their sleeping shelter for the night. It may not seem like much but you would be surprised how many people do not know how to set a tent up. After they became experienced and adept at setting up their own tents we took the tents away and gave them a couple tarps and some wooden poles, bungee cords, and paracord. Since they already had an idea how a tent works we let them go at it n their own to set up a tent with the supplies we gave them. They actually did a pretty good job. We then gave them other ideas using existing structures, trees, and anything else in the yard that could help make their shelter better.

One of the skills they have learned is to tie different types of knots. This is an essential survival skill that anyone can learn, even in the comfort of their own home. In our resource center you will find a great little ebook on basic knots that you can teach them or yourself.

2. Fire
Knowing how to start a fire is an extremely important skill to master. Before doing this in your back yard ensure there are no rules or regulations that would prohibit it. Also make sure that you have water close by to extinguish it if necessary. During this lesson we teach them about fire safety as well as a number of methods to actually start a fire. This includes using tinder, fire starter, keeping the fire stoked, and allowing it to burn out or putting it out. This is a lot of fun because kids just seem to like fire and they love making a competition our of the methods and who can do it faster and better.

Camp-Fire-cooking3. Cooking
When we first started, we brought out the propane camping stove and taught them how to hook up the propane, start the fire and then actually cook something on the stove. This is something they now like to do themselves when we go camping for real. Lessons we also taught during the cooking phase was why and how to know that food is properly cooked by temperature. We taught them to understand that food temperature is one of the most important things to know when it comes to cooking or saving your food for later. Once the had the hang of the propane stove we taught them how to cook over the fire. They had to learn how to set up a stand and be able to use pots and pans. Great training that they will never forget.

4. Water
Now, I know what your thinking, we have a hose, a faucet in the house, what could you possibly teach your kids about finding or purifying water. You are right to a degree. You can’t teach them by example how to locate water in the wild but you can talk about it. When it comes to purification you can teach them how to use tablets, a lifestraw, a home made filter with rock, sand, and charcoal or simply just boiling it. There are plenty of ways to show them how and why to purify water before drinking it.

compass15. Navigation
When the stars come out teach them how to find the North Star and determine direction at night. In the morning teach them to know how to face east or west and head north. If you are out in the late afternoon before setting up camp, teach them to use a stick in the ground and a compass to determine direction. Talk about how to determine which direction to head and why.

A simple night of backyard camping is not only a great family memory but an amazing teaching moment that could someday save your child’s life. Teaching them when they are young will give them skills that most kids, even adults, don’t have. Imagine knowing that after you are gone your children will be able to survive and even help others when the SHTF.


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