How to Save Money by Gardening

If you ever wondered how to save money by gardening then this article will hit the spot. When it comes to urban survival or simply saving money on your monthly grocery there is one skill you should have and that is gardening. There are many benefits but the ones I like best are fresh and tasty vegetables and saving money each and every month.

Below are a few ideas to save money while growing your own food.

1. Consider Return on Investment When Planting
It may seem weird, but try thinking about your return on investment (ROI) when selecting what plants to grow. Certain plants, like tomatoes and lettuce, are inexpensive to plant, but much more expensive to purchase at the store. A $2 packet of lettuce seeds can have a fantastic ROI when you think about it. Your bank account might make 1% or less, but your lettuce seeds can turn into a row of lettuce worth 1000% of what you originally paid. When calculating what you are saving by gardening, don’t forget to compare apples to apples, e.g. if you are growing an organic garden, you should use the prices for organic produce to calculate your savings.

Compared to the high cost of store-bought berries, growing your own is a great and cost effective alternative. Raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries, besides being loaded with anti-oxidants, will also produce a ton of berries per bush, and if protected from pests, should regrow year after year.

2. Make the Most Use of Your Space
The more food you squeeze out of a smaller space, the more you are saving per area of land. If you want to maximize your cost savings, you want to maximize how much you grow per unit of space, and there are some really clever ways to do this.

Consider square foot gardening to get the most out of every foot (or meter) of space, consider using container gardens to grow in small spaces, and take advantage of raised beds to make harvesting your garden faster and easier, reducing the time you need to have an amazing garden.

3. Don’t Buy Expensive Kits
Do you really need that expensive seed starting kit? What about grow lights? Often a well-lit windowsill and an old planter filled with some new top soil will be sufficient.

Want to sprout seeds? Try this trick: Take some seeds and wrap them in a damp paper towel. Once they sprout, transplant them to your planters, making sure not to plant the sprouts too deep, allowing the budding sprout to pop through the soil, and place in a well-lit window.

4. Save Your Seeds
Consider using seed saving techniques to avoid buying seeds or plants again next year. Don’t forget to take into consideration whether or not your seeds are viable. Not all plants will produce seeds that will resprout! Generally, non-hybrid heirloom seeds are recommended.

5. Use Companion Planting to Save Time and Money
It saves you time. Consider how much less weeding you have to do if you couple plants of varying heights and widths to block out weeds. Certain plants will trap valuable nutrients in the soil, reducing your need to fertilize, and other plants will repel pests, which we will get to in a moment…

It saves you money. Many plants that are recommended for companion planting will repel a pest that would otherwise eat all your hard work! The less time and money you spend trying to get rid of pests the better off you are. And if you don’t have to purchase fertilizers, you’re saving hard-earned dollars there, too.

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