Cheap Bulk Food Storage System

It’s not that difficult to set up a bulk food storage system. The first step is to make up you mind that need to do it. Droughts, storms, terrorists, and any number of other events can interrupt the food chain at your local supermarket. Many people take food for granted. They have never had to worry about it before. However, you must be aware that most stores have no more than 3 days worth of food on their shelves. If there is a run on food because of an emergency event of some kind and you are not able to get there you better have your own supply.

The best and most inexpensive way to start a bulk food storage system is to partner with a group of friends, your neighbors, or an organizational program. The more people in your group the better prices you can get on bulk food.


If you are going to purchase food for long term storage it is very important to understand how to store and rotate your items to ensure nothing perishes and the food you eat is fresh. A computerized record or at least a handwritten list of every purchase you make must include the date purchased and the expiration date. These two dates are essential to ensure you keep everything in the proper order and use it effectively.

Different foods have different expiration dates so those that expire first should be kept in front and consumed first. This of course means that you will have to use the food according to its expiration date and not by just how long it has been stored. It is also important to store you food supply correctly. Having the right design for your food storage shelves or racks will make it easier to store, access and utilize your bulk food storage system correctly. You will avoid waste by having a good system in place.


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