30-Day Emergency Food Supply

Introduction – 30 Day Emergency Food Supply It would be nice to have two different types of emergency food supplies as follows: A 30-day or one-month emergency food supply. A one-year emergency food supply. Some emergencies are short-term and they do not last very long. A 30-day emergency food supply would be very useful in this type of situation. In most short-term emergencies electrical power is... read more

The Overnighters: Coming to Neighborhood Near You

This article was originally written by a man named Frank C. from somewhere in California. That’s all we really know about him. He wrote this letter to our friends over at Survival Blog and they published it for their readers. The information provided is interesting and something you should be aware of there is an extended event that causes you to be in your home for a long period of time. The... read more

Kids Home Survival Course

I am always trying to think of ways that we can get our children involved in learning simple survival techniques that will last them throughout their life. We came up with our kids home survival course, also known as camping out in the back yard. Over the years we have learned that if you can make it fun then the kid will get on board and even want to participate. A backyard camping “trip” is... read more

Raising Chickens 101

The finest site on raising chickens that I have found is The Modern Homestead. They have a great deal of information regarding many areas of homesteading but especially in the area of raising chickens. The article below is a great primer for anyone looking to include chickens in their urban homestead. Starting a Small Flock of Chickens I have been giving the following article—an overview of our approach... read more

Basic Survival Equipment

This is an old article that was originally posted on a now non-existent bulletin board, the precursor to the modern day forum. Michael Ironwolf is the original author. The basic survival equipment list and article is excellent but may have outdated model numbers  and includes events that are not “recent” so research the equipment to see if there are new, updated materials or options. However,... read more

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