Compost Water Heater

7 Steps to Build a Compost Water Heater For Hot Water Abundance BY KATRINA SPADE ENERGY, HEATING The Pain Mound is a large pile of woody biomass, aka mulch. Invented by French farmer Jean Pain in the 1970s, it is made of woodchips and sawdust, surrounded by a ring of hay bales for structure and insulation. As the Pain Mound decomposes, heat is produced and harnessed using a hydronic loop. The Pain Mound... read more

How to Make Your own Knife

In a survival situation there are some skills that would be good to know. Forging and metalworking to make your own weapons and tools would be a couple of those skills. The video below will teach you how to make your own knife, but before you begin you should know that knife making is a slow, painstaking, hard, and sometimes frustrating process. Most knife making requires multiple skills. This video is... read more

Stop Bleeding by Knowing Your Pressure Points

Knowing how to stop someone’s bleeding is perhaps one of the most important things we can learn for our survival as well as our friends and family. Many people have a vague idea of how to tie a tourniquet but don’t necessarily know how often to loosen it or where exactly it should go when tying it off. I know very few people who know and understand how to stop bleeding by pinching pressure... read more

How to Start a Fire with a Piece of Glass

One of the first things you learn for survival situations of any kind is how to start a fire. One can never know too many ways. Fire is essential for warmth, cooking and signaling. The video below with teach you how to start a fire with a broken piece of... read more

How to Survive an Economic Collapse

How do you Survive an Economic Collapse? In case you haven’t been following the news lately, Greece is once again falling apart at the seams. There is panic in the streets as Greeks scramble to pull their meager savings from the banks, and shortages of food and medicine are beginning to mount. In short, Greece is on the brink of collapse, and they’re far past the point of no return. Fortunately, there is... read more

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