About Us

The Best Survival Website was created to identify, understand, and prepare, for the threats we all are all facing today. The 3 specific areas we concentrate on are Urban Survival, Wilderness Survival, and Homesteading. These are the three categories of survival we believe each person should have a least some knowledge in. The world is rapidly changing and if we desire to take care of ourselves, our families, and our friends, then we must be prepared.

There are several options available to each of us when it comes to surviving an “event.” Some people would “bug out,” some would “shelter in place,” others have no idea where to even start. We decided to meet the needs of the average person who simply wants to be prudent and prepared for the events that could affect them. These events can be man-made or caused, or they could be natural disasters which are happening with more frequency and intensity. In either circumstance it is important to have the information we need and to understand that with some prudent planning we can survive most situations.

We are dedicated to teaching people disaster readiness techniques and homesteading principles so that “survival” becomes a natural part of our life. Just like you, we have family, friends, and other things that take priority. However, with everything we (personally and as a nation) are facing it is our opinion that we need to re-adjust our priorities. There are literally hundreds of “survival” sites online today. It is all the rage, the biggest trend. We are not here to compete with them. We are here to help our readers create a lifestyle that preserves, protects, and enhances our lives and yours.We search hundreds of sites each and every month to find the best information available for our readers. We also write our own original articles and are creating some videos as well. We don’t have all the answers, we don’t know everything there is to know. There are many good sites online and then there are some that aren’t worth visiting at. Our goal is to give you one place you can visit and trust to provide you exactly what you NEED to prepare, protect and enhance your life.

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